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Wizzit is a photography magazine specializing in photo sharing on the Internet. This magazine is published periodically having a special theme in each issue. All photos have been carefully selected from Flickr photo sharing service with respective Creative Commons licenses. Readers and photographers can also submit their photos to be published in the next issues. Wizzit magazines are available as printed copies as well as convenient modern e-books to be read with your bearable reader or desktop computer. Check out this new magazine and find out more.

Issue 4/2012

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MagCloud publishing service has selected August 2012 Wizzit issue 4 as a featured publication in history category.

Cover story

Great maritime disasters

Wreck of the Louilla, Tiran
Photo Rob Atherton

Wizzit Magazine makes a virtual photo tour around the world of great maritime disasters and explores the history of these sad casualties. Read the stories behind one man’s vision of the future and the sudden endings of those dreams, which in turn changed our world irrevocably. This Wizzit issue is dedicated to the great Swedish warship Vasa, which was built in early 17th century but sank during her maiden voyage only a few minutes after leaving the port. Vasa was salvaged 333 years later and put on display in the Vasa Museum in Stockholm. Dive into the fascinating world of shipwrecks and read the history of those unfortunate vessels. Read more...

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World of underground traffic

Mexico City subway
Photo Arvind Grover

Wizzit Magazine makes a virtual photo tour underground and visits subway stations all over the world. Sit back and relax while you browse the pages of the trains below the streets and watch people passing by trying to catch their connection or rushing out on the surface. See how subways differ from each other in various countries and learn the signs directing you to the underworld commuting system. Fascinating trip with a free ticket is about to begin. Read more...

Issue 2/20120

Skyscrapers and high buildings

Doha Skyline at Sunrise
Photo Harri J

Wizzit Magazine makes a virtual journey around the world and explores the highest buildings man has created. The era of skyscrapers started not more than about one hundred years ago in the United States. The fascinating history of skyscrapers may begin as early as the age of the Pharaohs in ancient Egypt several thousand years ago when the very first pyramids appeared close to the river Nile. This issue will tell the short history of high buildings and explain the definition of skyscrapers. We will not forget the world-famous architects behind these huge constructions. Without their contribution there would not be such a modern urban skyline we are used to see when visiting metropolis of high-rises. Read more...

Creative photography

How to create an online gallery

The world around us is documented better than ever since the first permanent photograph made in 1826. The digital camera has increased the number of photos to billions and no one knows exactly how many shots are taken each second anywhere on the globe. Many of these excellent photographs end up on display in various photo sharing websites. One of the largest and most popular site is Flickr, which shares thousands of brand new photos each minute, every day and year around. Users find the best photos online and like to share them with the rest of the visitors stopping by. The new gallery feature on Flickr helps sharing the best photos found. Wizzit Magazine now finds out what it is all about.

Issue 1/2009

La Sagrada Família

Sagrada Familia
Photo Fred von Lohmann

Wizzit Magazine makes a virtual tour to Barcelona and introduces one of the most interesting sightseeing in Catalonia. The magnificent cathedral La Sagrada Família is still under construction after more than 100 years of building. The official starting day of the temple was on 19th March in 1882. World famous Catalonia architect Antoni Gaudí began building this extraordinary temple in 1883 after the resignation of Francisco del Villar, architect who originally started building the temple. Gaudí could never finish his masterpiece although he spent more than 40 years building this huge monumental cathedral. Unfortunately Gaudí was knocked down by a tram and he died three days later aged 74 in July 1926. Today millions of tourists all over the world visit the construction site admiring the stunning craftsmanship nevertheless the cathedral is still incomplete. Take a virtual photo tour into this outstanding temple with Wizzit Magazine. Read more...

Creative photography

How to share your photos online

Photography with digital cameras and cell phones is easier than ever. You just point and take a picture, and that’s pretty much all you need to do. Copying your photos from camera’s memory onto the harddisk of your home computer is the next step. But there’s lot more to do with your snapshots. Why not let the rest of the world see and judge your shots? Buy a copy and read the latest issue of Wizzit Magazine and learn how to share your photos online using the popular Flickr photo sharing service.