From cameras with no spool to banking with no banks, could the future of banking be entirely digital that we may never have to set foot into a branch again?

Remember the teller style banking with bullet proof glass spanning the length of the entire retail area? It wasn’t long ago that queuing in the bank was a reality we all just dealt with.

In today’s digital world we have many alternatives to standing in that queue, and it seems like every week we are bombarded with new marketing material to sign up to a new banking or payment platforms. It’s a feeding frenzy to get products to market and win the hearts and the pockets of consumers out there.

But is it safe ?

At WIZZIT we believe that this drive to market is leaving gaping holes in the security of our online payment platforms, where even entering a PIN (that only you know) to transact is becoming frowned upon as unnecessary.

As a seasoned player in the Fintech payments space for the last 15 years, we recognised this gap and assembled a world-class technical and crypto team to solve this problem, and are proud to say we have developed a safe PIN entry technology on a mobile phone, that is very secure and reduces the potential for fraud dramatically. At WIZZIT we create/integrate secure, seamless banking and personal verification platforms that create an environment for the user that will transform all banking processes. Can you imagine having one pin, one verification that is standardsed across all channels and it will be 100% safe!

And don’t trust us – ask the specialists in the security industry (PCIDSS Auditors, or NIST, or FIPS or COTS), or the global anti-virus company that flew to Johannesburg to talk to us, or one of the top three banks in the world, or even the patent office. They all agree that we have raised the bar.

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