Biometric authentication is a security system that uses your unique biological characteristics to verify your identity. It can be a photo of your face, a record of your voice, or an image of your fingerprint. This information is then stored in a database that allows you access to the designated digital system or resource.

We believe that Biometric authentication will probably be the future but right now, Pin and Card is the one standard that is accepted by every bank in every corner of the globe.

We take a look at some of the current issues when utilising a biometric system:

– The main concern is that personal data could be collected easily and without consent, although the POPPI act protects consumers from this.

– The data must be stored in some sort of a database or platform, that brings forth the fear of constant surveillance and misuse of data.

– Typically today, banks do not themselves store this biometric data on each and every customer. We have no doubt that in time this will happen or that banks will be able to subscribe to a recognised database that does house this biometric information.

– Hackers can get access to this data, leaving people vulnerable to identity theft which could lead to banking fraud but biometric hacking is however very difficult.

An issue that is often raised is that multiple people can register their fingerprint on a phone – for example, my family members  – which I have no problem with but I am not so sure that I would want them to access my bank details or authorising payments. However Biometric scanners are becoming more sophisticated, for instance, the new Apple iPhone X projects 30,000 infrared dots onto a user’s face authenticating facial recognition, making a mistaken identity one in a million.

Biometric technology offers gripping solutions for security as it is hard to duplicate and very convenient. We look to the future and a promising authentication system strategy that incorporates, something you are (biometrics) with something you know (Pin code password) making for an effective combination.

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