The WIZZIT Authenticator (our patented technology) gives our customers the ability to be authenticated on their mobile device without having to download anything or go through any third party App to enable secure authentication. A Fully certified PCI DSS solution.

WIZZIT have the ability to use chat channels (specifically WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Viber, and Telegram), along with any other channel e.g. SMS/email to deliver this secure authentication PIN pad.

Messaging is the future:

·       It’s fast, – it connects your institution’s customers to the services they are already using.

·       It’s easy – there is no learning curve, since the services plug into the messaging channels that everyone already knows how to use (no further downloads either)

·       It’s personalized – financial institutions can factor user preferences into the chat and create a personalized experience

How will your institution connect to your customers?

The challenge has always been how can I securely communicate and transact with my customers on an instant messaging platform.

We see 4 distinct use cases for your organization:

1.     Customer Authentication

WIZZIT provides a fully secure, out-of-band authentication process. This is an end to end encrypted PinPad for customers to be authenticated in their preferred channel of choice. Financial Institutions can utilize the WIZZIT Authenticator for their own Chat logon within IM Platforms (WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Viber, Telegram) facilitating the application process for loan requests, cross sell and upsell through chat. It enforces your anti-fraud controls by applying a one stop secured authentication.

2.     Payment of loan installments

Institution can send push notification in chat to customers with loan installment payment request (Payme request) facilitating immediate debit/credit card payment. Especially of interest in markets where customers  are still required to make monthly installment payments in branch or affiliate payment collection points.

3.     Collection of late payments

Solution can be integrated in the soft (and hard) collection process, e.g. call centre agent speaking to customer  can send direct payment request via chat for payment of overdue amount. Also can be embedded in the digital collection process.


With a highly flexible customer interface the WIZZIT Authenticator is designed to allow businesses to deploy a secure authentication interface quickly. The solution can be implemented into your institution within a matter of weeks.

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