Consumers are demanding safe, secure and convenient payment methodologies. The challenge has always been how can we securely communicate and transact with our customers on an instant messaging platform at the same time offering a seamless user experience.

WIZZIT has built the first, globally patented “PCI-DSS accredited” authenticator which provides Banks/FSP’s/Retailers/Governments/MNOs/Gaming agents the ability to secure and authenticate customers and authorise transactions/payments on a user-friendly chat platform.  This balances the critical need for state of the art security with the customer requirement for a user-friendly seamless and frictionless user interface.

This allows users to access a safe, secure and convenient chat channel resulting from our authentication methodology, giving customers the ability to transact in the environment where they typically spend most of their time – CHAT.

Concerning WhatsApp’s global reach, a recent study of 187 countries concluded that WhatsApp was the leading IM platform in 109 of them. This means that WhatsApp is the platform most favoured by 55.6% of the world’s IM users. As noted below, WhatsApp and FB Messenger are the strong dominant players across the globe, with WeChat being the choice of platform in China.

Authentication in the Chat channel

The WIZZIT Authenticator provides a bi-directional bank grade encryption process giving trusted entities the ability to securely authenticate their customers using their own credentials.

The two-way process allows encrypted data to now be sent to the customer as well to receive it – providing new methods of data sharing and authentication – whilst also making use of existing ones without the current worries and concerns.

The WIZZIT Authenticator has been subjected to rigorous international penetration testing and is fully certified with PCI DSS requirements. At its core is a bank-grade authentication methodology allowing rapid payments, banking and other security applications to be deployed within the Chat world.

A key feature is that the WIZZIT Authenticator combines security with convenience in a first to market Authentication solution. The security has passed the most stringent compliance standards and the convenience is that the customer does not need to leave the platform or download any additional App/keys to be authenticated.

Some of the advantages of chat transacting

-No download required

-Global reach

-User friendly interface


-Low Bandwidth

-WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger is now available on many feature phones

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