If you are like me – passwords are one of the major irritations in my life. I cannot remember them and I cannot understand why on earth I would need a password to get into a recipe site that I use.

Yes, we all understand the need for security but there comes a point when we say enough is enough and move onto a site/supplier that has a more user-friendly access.

The article referenced gives a very good overview of passwords – https://blog.malwarebytes.com/awareness/2019/10/when-can-we-get-rid-of-passwords-for-good/

@Wizzit International we believe that right now, the one standard that is accepted by every bank and every merchant in every corner of the globe is PIN – and it is the one thing that everyone remembers.

Why not use something that is tried, tested proven and accepted; conforms with the highest security standards in the industry and is user-friendly and convenient providing a frictionless experience. WIZZIT has a global patent registered and is PCI DSS accredited with its unique and innovative solution to authentication that satisfies the critical need for security as well as providing the ultimate in seamless customer experience. Contact us and we will send you a high-level overview for further discussion.

why do we still persist with old and suspect at best, methods of authentication?

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