With over 1.7 billion unbanked individuals worldwide financial exclusion and it’s impact is evident as people are being denied affordable financial products and services that meet their needs and enables them to be participants in an increasingly digital world.

We are still fighting for financial inclusion as a birthright. It simply is not right at any level that people are denied access to basic financial services system simply because they do not have the required paperwork mainly because of inefficient governments. We will continue the fight for economic citizenship since, without access to digital payments, I am not sure how the financially excluded will survive in an increasingly cashless world. One thing that I am convinced about is that it is a breach of human rights to deny people a bank account either because they cannot provide the correct paperwork or some other trumped-up reason (no pun intended).

Financial accessibility enables daily activities providing families and communities with business opportunities, education, health and risk management. With the banking ecosystem transforming and accelerating towards digital banking ecosystems WIZZIT International provides the tools and technology, financial inclusion and accessibility using tried, tested and trusted mobile banking solutions, mobile commerce solutions and mobile acquiring for massive untapped markets. 

By Brian Richardson CEO of WIZZIT International

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