mobile banking apps


WIZZIT will build a customized App for you.


Easy Integration

WIZZIT’s Platform currently supports USSD and SMS as well as Android and Apple iPhone applications together with Internet Banking. The customer interface supports all major transaction types with integration into the Bank, Value Added Service Providers and Billers.

WIZZIT will custom build an App that combines “traditional” mobile banking functionality with modern technology, to reach across all the platforms and business units that are required. WIZZIT can build for Android and Apple. This includes all the required transactions as well as other features such as ATM Locater, Stop Card and Email Statements. All of this is contained within the secure APP, Android, IOS and Windows environment. Other functionalities that are required as per the tender document can be added in less than 3 months.

Different Interfaces, Different Clients

Wizzit app screens
Wizzit app screens