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WIZZIT Authenticator.

See below for WIZZIT Authenticator Use Cases.


Use Cases for Authenticator

The WIZZIT Authenticator (our patented technology) gives our customers the ability to be authenticated on their mobile device without having to download any App or keyboard or go through any third party App/site to enable secure authentication. A Fully certified PCIDSS solution. WIZZIT have the ability to use chat channels (specifically WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Viber, Telegram), along with any other channel e.g. SMS/email to deliver this secure authentication PIN pad.

Key Use Cases


The WIZZIT Authenticator meets PSD2 SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) requirements by entering a PIN (something you know) which is sent securely to their mobile device (something you have). This can be done through Chat Channels which alleviates OTP fraud risk and saves hugely on network SMS costs. It can also be delivered through other channels such as SMS/email/existing App’s

Facilitate transactions through chat

The WIZZIT Authenticator is the technology that allows our customers to implement a much needed and wanted payment solution through chat channels. This might be suitable for a number of industries looking for payment capabilities and a new payment gateway channel. The ability for your customers to make quick payments through WhatsApp is indeed very innovative and a key differentiator? Suitable for many industries including amongst others; MNO’s, Insurance companies, Debt Collections, Fintech’s & Banks, Call Centres, E-commerce retailers and Government departments.

Customer Authentication

The WIZZIT Authenticator allows customers to be authenticated through our secure and patented methodology, utilising our simple but totally encrypted PIN entry on mobile device. This is seamless and meets customer satisfaction with security needs. We know that in today’s world, customers are preferring businesses to communicate with them in the channel of their choice – IM platforms. They do not want to phone a business anymore. This authentication platform will allow for any customer sensitive data to be authenticated in a completely secure channel.


The WIZZIT Authenticator is the reason why you can now offer the possibility to move your customers to a totally new secure channel. This will allow customers to make P2P payments, request payment, buy services, check balances and many other banking services through their secure chat channel.


Financial Institutions can utilise the WIZZIT Authenticator for either their own Chat logon within IM Platforms (WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Viber, Telegram) or for their Internet Banking Logon. Logon will present the secure PIN pad. The SMPP 3.3, 3.4 and 5.0 are supported in order for the institution to seamlessly replace their current SMS gateway integration with a secure chat based encryption capability without needing to change any of the current OTP infrastructure that is in existence and thereby reduce the integration timeframe for the bank significantly.

Security alerts

(System push) The WIZZIT Authenticator can also be used for security purposes in which the initiation of the transaction is directly from the system.

This method is useful for:

  • Alerts for verification where a transaction is done over a certain limit. 
  • Alerts raised by the Fraud engine and where an authentication request is required, an authentication request can be pushed automatically to the customer. 
  • Where a call centre agent needs to verify the identity of a customer.
  • Where a password needs to be changed by the user.

Utilising the application for card authentication with integration directly to the Bank’s card switch

This process is useful wherever the card PIN is required to authenticate a client, or a card PIN needs to be changed or issued. The push transaction can be system or call centre initiated. The benefits of this are that the customers have a PIN number that they already know which will enable identification and authorisation.

Examples of where this can be used are as follows:

  • Enable the customer to change their PIN number via chat. 
  • To push a PIN pad to the customer to select their PIN on the first issue of a card.
  • To use the PIN to validate card transactions done via a card.
  • As a step-up authentication for tap and go transactions.
  • Authorisation of Masterpass and mVisa.
  • As an authentication method in addition to 3-D Secure

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