The Banking system and digitalisation, transformation imminent!

I am not sure or convinced that it is the banks’ duty to be the “police” of illegal activities supposedly facilitated through the banking system – and without compensation. I see increased resistance by the banks to perform this very expensive role on behalf of the governments and surrounding powers. I would love someone to […]

e-commerce to c-commerce? Retail and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence within the retail industry is becoming very evident especially across the product and service cycle be it the assembly point to post-sale customer service interactions. Retail Centers Shopping patterns and consumer behaviour is already changing very rapidly. Retail shopping centres are under pressure; retail shops are under severe strain as we move to […]

Financial Inclusion – the fight is still on!

With over 1.7 billion unbanked individuals worldwide financial exclusion and it’s impact is evident as people are being denied affordable financial products and services that meet their needs and enables them to be participants in an increasingly digital world. We are still fighting for financial inclusion as a birthright. It simply is not right at […]

Trends in Financial Services – Can you make the shift? – by Brian Richardson CEO

It is going to be a fantastic year and a brilliant decade that we should be delighted to be part of. Here is why we should all be optimistic as technology is going to make our lives easier and help to minimise fraud in digital banking and authentication. I believe we are going to see […]

Digitise or die – the importance of digitising in 2020

It has never been more important than now for financial institutions to embrace digitalisation. Even the Americans – who some would argue are a little behind the innovation curve in Banking – are accepting the fact that customers are willing to change banks in pursuit of a better and more seamless digital banking experience. “Developing […]

The end of a decade and future banking trends

Banking has changed significantly over the last 10 years. People have slowly but surely realised that banking can be done without physically visiting branches, something which we predicted back in 2005. We have also watched as the move towards using less and less cash continues to gain momentum, as mobile and online banking take the […]

Banking Security – WIZZIT, why your bank needs us?

At this time of the year the criminal element and fraudsters are at their busiest. Banks have a responsibility and a very strong financial and reputational risk to protect. This cannot be at the cost of customer convenience or customers will go where there is less friction. How do banks implement strategies and solutions that […]