The modern day contact centre can make or break your company. We understand that untrained staff are an issue – but that is fixable. We also understand that most people do not relish the idea of interacting with the contact centre – often it is a problem or issue that needs resolving and the last thing a customer needs is a million obscure questions to verify their authenticity or identity.

I remember interacting with the contact centre of my bank and was told that I had failed the “test” in that I had answered one of the questions incorrectly. It was about my ownership of a property in a suburb/area that I had never heard of. I, of course, answered that I did not own the particular property and on this I could not proceed with the reason I had called them. We all have had countless experiences such as this – resulting in the customer looking for an alternative provider.

In today’s world, there are secure methods of verifying the identity of the customer in such a way that it is easy and convenient for the customer. Why then are banks not using this? Is it because of resistance to change; the good old NIH (Not Invented Here syndrome); a couldn’t care less attitude; or something deeper?

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