Celebrating the Tech-Savvy Women at Wizzit

Welcome to a celebration of inspiration, innovation, and empowerment at Wizzit! As we raise our virtual glasses to commemorate the incredible Women at Wizzit, we are thrilled to introduce you to the brilliant minds and dynamic personalities that constitute the undeniable “better half” of our exceptional team.


These exceptional women have consistently shattered glass ceilings, defied conventions, and illuminated the path forward with their remarkable contributions. Join us in honouring their spirit and unwavering dedication of the ladies who play an integral role in shaping Wizzit’s success story.


Rudzani Matjuda

Rudzani Matjuda’s career had been predominantly within the banking sector, where she refined her skills. However, a new chapter unfolded when she was invited to join the IT team led by a respected IT Head of the Bank in 2014. This move led her to roles in Business Analysis and Project Management, fields often male-dominated. Undeterred, she embraced the opportunity, excited about the growth and change happening in the IT landscape.


Portia Mphothwana

Portia Mphothwana joined Wizzit in 2008, bringing with her a National Diploma in Accounting and a Bachelor of Accounting Sciences. Despite specialising in finance, she has made incredible efforts to integrate with developers and continues to learn more about the technology of Wizzit to this day.


Violet Modise

Violet Modise has worked her way up through the ranks, beginning her career as a call centre agent before being promoted to the IT Service Desk and eventually earning the role of software tester. With her keen eye for detail and a thirst for knowledge, she has become a valuable asset to the team as she pushes the company to the next level of quality.


Hlalala Isabel Sithole

Hlalala Isabel Sithole joined us five years ago and has been an invaluable member of every team she’s worked on. She understands the importance of a responsive design and the incorporation of flexible layouts in providing a well-optimised experience across all platforms. She prioritises user-friendliness, and her dedication has made a significant impact on the success of projects at Wizzit.


Mbuelo Ralubuvhi

Mbuelo Ralubuvhi joined Wizzit in 2017, bringing her enthusiasm and the motivation to elevate front-end development. Her priorities extend beyond the present as she participates in initiatives that provide underrepresented groups with the means and skills to take their talents into the future. She has gone above and beyond the standards held by Wizzit.


These Women at Wizzit are more than mere team members; they are trailblazers who continue to reshape norms and redefine possibilities. As we toast their achievements, let their journeys remind us that diversity fuels innovation and inclusion drives progress. In commemorating their outstanding contributions, we stand inspired and eager to witness the future these extraordinary women will undoubtedly shape.


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