COVID 19 Case Study

COVID-19 has caused the world to change at unprecedented rates. What will never be the same again is the way money is created and spent in the economy. Governments and regulatory bodies have been discouraging the use of cash during the recent outbreak and stores around the world, including some supermarket and grocery store chains, opting to go card only, concerned about leaving many vulnerable. This has resulted in a surge in online and contactless payments since the start of the outbreak. Shops and banks around the globe have also agreed to increase the limit of contactless payments.

WIZZIT Digital have the products and technology that both help with the digital transformation we are experiencing, as well as ensuring the safety of the digital acceptance (payments) which is critical in this environment. With the rise in online sales, we can expect a rapid increase in CNP (card not present) fraud. Our fraud mitigation solution of accepting payments on your own NFC enabled device, using your own PIN, without any infrastructure changes, now becomes a highly valuable solution for customers processing MOTO (Mail Order/Telephone Order) transactions.

Our New Client

A JSE (Johannesburg Stock Exchange) listed client who utilise mobile technology to enable access to the digital economy.

WIZZIT Digital – Our solution

Within 21 days, we are proud to announce that we are live, fully integrated and have completed all internal testing, having it been marked as a success.

WIZZIT Digital have provided our client with a complete solution including reconciliation, that makes use of WhatsApp as the front-end application and integrates into the customers airtime and electricity solution. The payment for the transaction is managed through the WIZZT authenticator and integrates into the WIZZIT Payment gateway to process a secure PCI compliant transaction. This allows for the sale of various prepaid services provided by our client, which includes the purchase of electricity and airtime.

This not only makes it a more convenient and quicker transaction for customers, but also eliminates the need for unnecessary physical contact and cash handling in the communities across South Africa.  Further, many thousands of people at the bottom of the economic pyramid, during lockdown are not able to go to shops (many that are closed) that disposed of prepaid vouchers. WIZZIT Digital are working closely with our client to roll out our NFC Tap2Pay functionality in the coming weeks. This is a totally digital solution for essential services available to the lower end of the market.

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