It is 17 years since we started our journey as pioneers in the use of technology to bring affordable financial services to everyone. It is hard to believe that 17 years ago no-one had heard of Mobile Banking and of those that had heard of it ,there were many people who claimed that it would never work. Today every bank has its own version of mobile banking and most Telcos have a version of mobile money with greater or lesser degrees of success. There are two very distinct sides of financial inclusion – the issuing – signing up and activating accounts and acquiring – outlets where people can use their newly acquired digital accounts/money.

It is a sad reality that it has taken a global pandemic to spur some action and what has become very evident is that financial inclusion is a co-operative effort.

It needs everyone on board including the government. As a tangible and real example of this, we are very proud to have launched a digital distribution of social and Covid grant payments with the Honduras government as the spo, using the retail banks and leading merchants as partners. A real case study of Fintech (WIZZIT Digital), Banks, Government and retailers all working together to promote financial inclusion.

There will be many more initiatives like this as we see report after report proclaiming the exponential growth of digital payments BUT – we cannot forget about the financially excluded and they have to be brought on board quickly.