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WIZZIT Mobile Banking.

WIZZIT provides a fully functional mobile banking & electronic commerce platform.


Mobile Banking offers the following:

Cost Saving: Mexico saved $1,3 billion moving from cash disbursements to digital.

Transparency: India had a 47% decrease in bribe demands when they moved to digital disbursements.

Speed & Security: USA had a 10% reduction in crime in moving away from cash.

Economic Development: 2 Billion market segment opportunity.

The WIZZIT Offering:

The diagram below illustrates how the WIZZIT Solution can interface into the bank back office infrastructure. The bottom portion represents the existing infrastructure of the Bank, which includes the banking system and the customer channels like ATM, POS and EFT transactions.

The top portion represents the proposed banking solution that encompasses the customer registration and banking transaction offering. WIZZIT has designed and built a banking and commerce switch that addresses the solution for the top part of the diagram.

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