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Your Gateway to C-Commerce.


A Revolution in Chat-Commerce


WIZZITpay opens the gate and enables the next major innovation in the payments space; c-commerce.

Chat Commerce (c-commerce):

As a result of the uptake of social media specifically chat based interaction, there is a significant opportunity for the introduction of a chat-based transaction mechanism. The internet required the creation of e – commerce to enable payments; chat interaction on social media require Chat Commerce, or c – commerce. This will allow the monetization of the social media platforms.

The challenge in this instant messaging environment is security. One cannot rely on the chat channel to encrypt messages or data. WIZZIT has developed an out of band secure PIN entry capability that complies with the rules and standards of the card associations that are applied by banks globally as well as newer regulations of PSD2 for strong customer authentication (SCA) for which we have a global patent registered. This payment capability is WIZZITpay.

Enabling selling on social media (Market Place):

With WIZZITpay people who would like to sell goods and services via WhatsApp are able to accept payment without the need for any specific Point of Sale device. When goods are sold on OLX, Gumtree or Facebook marketplace, or any other market place for that matter, the traditional payment mechanism requires that the buyer go out of the application into their banking or Paypal app and then make a payment, or worse meet the person and then paying cash. WIZZITpay solves this problem – securely and conveniently.

For in app gaming or other non-face to face services offered by smaller entrepreneurs the only option is premium network billing on SMS where the network takes between 30% and 50% of the transaction income. WIZZITpay solves this problem – securely and conveniently

WIZZITpay offers 3 models to the merchant:

1. Face to face payment on WIZZITpay using a merchant ID that can be used in high volume environments such as taverns or food stalls.

2. A request for pay function from the WIZZITpay menu to the customer for non-face to face transactions.

3. An integration directly to WIZZITpay via the in- app API for more tech savvy merchants who want to bill directly from their application on an event. This is useful for Debt collection, call center sale of goods and services