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WIZZIT Payments.

WIZZIT Financial Services has proven technology in the mobile acquiring and merchant management.


A Mobile Banking EcoSystem

For years we have been talking about the mobile banking ecosystem that is so important in getting to critical mass. We have been very focused on the issuing side – helping our banks to sign up and activate new customers and new segments. Our fully automated and paperless sign up process, which is totally complaint with local regulation, is a world first and has made a massive impact for our bank customers.

We’re delighted to announce the acquisition TouchPay – a highly innovative company in the customer acquiring space.

This completes the mobile cycle and ecosystem in terms of covering both the issuing and the acquiring side of the equation. For banks this should be very exciting since the retailers/merchants are, in fact, their customers and this gives the banks much needed product and service for this segment of the market.

Products Include:

1. Self service kiosks 

– Electronic customer on-boarding with real-time document validation and verification

– Biometric authentication of customers

– Cash deposits and withdrawals from mobile accounts

– Statement enquiry and printing

– Card transactions (Visa and MasterCard magstripe and EMV)

– Money transfers

2. Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS)

– Mobile payments integrated to till systems

– Mobile card payments (Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Diners magstripe and EMV)

– Biometric payments

– Location-Based Payments linked to tracking systems

– Electronic delivery, invoice and receipting systems

3. Card Purchases

– Retail (stand alone and integrated to point of sale system)

– MasterCard, Visa, Amex and Diners

– Loyalty and closed loop

– Fuel (integrated to fuel system including pump management, electronic identification of vehicles/drivers, electronic odometer/hour reading, Location-Based Payments)