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With the novel coronavirus looming around, passing things from one to the other makes people nervous. Across the UK, Europe & the world, shops and restaurants are looking for ways to lower infection through use of cash. After all, keeping staff and customers safe should be the top priority.

As more businesses open after months of lockdown, going cashless is the safest way to go. To know what’s happening behind the scenes of setting up a cashless environment, I invited Nick Rowlinson, CFO of Wizzit Digital.

Get a peek of what’s really happening by listening to Nick talk about the unique offering of his company, Wizzit Digital. We dive into how the cashless ecosystem continuously amplifies itself amidst the pandemic, and the challenges that come with releasing it to the public.

Nick takes us on a trip down Wizzit Digital’s lane. This company turns phones into POS devices, which easily allows consumers and sellers complete sales transactions. This also offers an opportunity for SMEs to reduce operational costs and adapt to cashless ecosystems. You’ll be delighted to learn about the deals the company made in Europe and Africa, which proves how important collaboration is when it comes to scaling.

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