We are aware that in the present crisis in South Africa the following has suddenly happened;


  • Many POS machines have been destroyed and most of these are manufactured overseas and will take time to replace.
  • Confidentially, as an example of one company, estimates that it has had 3500 POS Devices destroyed/stolen. They urgently need our SoftPos solution as it will take at least 13 weeks, maybe more, to replace the physical POS.
  • We are told that hundreds of malls / shopping centres have basically been destroyed affecting 45 000 businesses and leaving a gap of approximately 135 000 physical Point of Sale Devices.
  • Many merchants are reverting to cash. However, between 1400 and 8000 ATMs have been vandalised and getting access to cash for consumers is difficult. 300 bank and Post Office outlets have been destroyed and closed.

WIZZIT has the solution for all retailers. (Basically using an Android phone to accept card payments securely with a PIN. Some further background – It has just been announced that  The WIZZIT Solution has been nominated as a finalist in the prestigious Global Emerging Payments awards out of London for which we are very proud)


As you may know, WIZZIT has had their Tap2Pay solution globally certified by Mastercard and Visa and we are ready to provide a solution and avoid further crisis regarding cash and payments. We are already living with the largest Retail bank in Africa but believe that every merchant in SA should have access to the solution.


Contact us on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/wizzitdigital or email us at support@wizzitdigital.com