“As some merchants have found, there is a balance to be struck between better security and the friction that it creates in the user experience. Yet it is card issuers, not merchants, that set the rules on how their customers’ prospective payments are handled.”

This headline in a Finextra report (https://www.finextra.com/finextra-downloads/research/documents/158/can-strong-customer-authentication-open-the-door-to-new-end-user-experiences.pdf) highlights some of the challenges being faced in Europe , that could well spread to other parts of the world.

Covid 19, has certainly lead to increased interest as well as adoption of digital payments. Fraud has to be highlighted as a major incentive for additional safeguards to consumers. SCA requires 2 of the 3 recognised forms of customer authentication (2 factor Authentication );

Something I know – Pin or password

Something I own – card or phone

Something I am – fingerprint or Iris  

If a customer wants to make a purchase for more than typically €30 then a PIN is required in a physical store for Tap2Pay transactions or 2FA for on-line E-Commerce transactions.

Most customers value convenience over security and herein lies the conflict with the methodologies implemented by the issuing banks. Merchants do not want to lose business and will change their acquiring relationship to where there is the least friction for the consumer.

At the end of the day it is about changing behaviour and once customers understand the reasons behind the processes and friction is kept to a minimum  – then adoption will happen.

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