esb bank building


The WIZZIT Smart ESB is an Enterprise grade Service Bus designed specifically with financial institutions and service providers in mind. 


The Challenge

The Challenge faced by CIO’s in the financial services industry has always been to balance stability and security with agility, to the extent that it seems that the roll-out of innovative customer products need to take a back seat to the changes required by the Compliance division. Systems stability is critical and the Support and Operations divisions are reluctant to change anything at all. This dilemma leads to reluctance to introduce innovative products, long test cycles and frustrated business owners.

The Solution

The WIZZIT Smart ESB is a sophisticated connectivity and transaction management system that allows Banks and other Financial Service Providers to efficiently and quickly increase the functionality and reach of their Digital banking platform. The WIZZIT Smart ESB has been developed over the last 10 years utilizing WIZZIT’s extensive experience in Digital Banking. We found that Banks do not want to make changes to their core banking systems to accommodate new functionality; WIZZIT Smart ESB allows integration to new products and services within days rather than months.

Wizzit smart ESB layout