Tap-on-Phone – Turn the mobile device into a POS.

Tap-on-Phone may well be one of the most ground-breaking innovations to have emerged in the payments space.

It gives the merchant – at basically no cost – the ability to acquire any card transactions without the need for a costly Point of Sale Device that clutters up the counter; that requires paper refills; that requires an attachment to my cell phone; that requires maintenance.

Every merchant has a cell phone. The backbone of any economy is the small business – the least understood segment of the market. Our Tap-on-Phone gives the small merchant the ability to participate in the formal economy and protect themselves from the dangers of cash (robbery, theft) as well as exposure to Covid -19 – with cash being a bearer of the virus.

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Fully certified solution with PIN for both Visa & MasterCard.

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Based on the Encrypted Mobile Authenticator, we have developed a payment product with the ability to deliver two main solutions:

How it Works:

PCI DSS Certified

Tap-on-Phone: SoftPOS Merchant Solution.

wizzit digital - SoftPOS

Meeting PCI security standards for Contactless Payments on COTS.

It is imperative that customer card and pin details are properly protected whilst utilizing
the WIZZIT solution on the mobile device.

For this reason the WIZZIT solution has separated the payment transaction in two stages:

  1. PCI Software-based PIN Entry on COTS (SPoC) published in January 2018;
    In our solution the card pin entry is read and encrypted via sPoC . Becoming like an external Pin pad.
  2. PCI Contactless Payments on COTS (CPoC™) issued in December 2019;

The card details are read as per the CPoC standard.

Whilst these two elements are separated and therefore meet the PCI requirements, the customer experience has a smooth single transaction within the WIZZIT solution/app.