People in some quarters claim that there is greater demand for mobile money than for cards. Whether this is true or not is of academic interest  – the real question should be about where the customer sees the value.

There is no doubt that Card is more ubiquitous and accepted at every ATM and POS device within merchant stores. Some might well claim that cards are more secure than Mobile money. It might be true that Mobile Money is more accessible and available to people than Card due to light on-boarding and regulatory requirements for account opening. For P2P payments Mobile seems to win hands down as it does for prepaid purchases. 

An often overlooked fact is that Card carries an enormous amount of status for the cardholder – something that Mobile money cannot match. WIZZIT has always maintained that mobile and card work very well together and are very synergistic companions.

A final argument will be around cost. Card rails are perceived as expensive and there is global pressure to reduce the costs. As the world becomes more digital, mobile and card have room for collaboration where both can win.

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