Virtual Card

E-Commerce is growing globally at an alarming rate. In Africa, e-commerce is growing by 26% every year but 50% of customers fear online credit card fraud. The sole dependence on credit cards excludes millions of people who are under-banked.


Gateway to Secure Online Transactions

Virtual Card is a secure online alternative that opens the door for those with no access to credit cards. It generates temporary card details needed to complete digital transactions. The user can also set the amount  and time validity and share the details with others to use. The card details self-destruct within a set time limit and each card generated can’t be reused.

This revolutionary WIZZIT innovation benefits customers across the board, from individuals who fear giving their card details on internet sites to students without credit cards to the under-banked masses. It is safe, efficient and convenient – a ground-breaking value-add that banks can offer their customers.