WIZZIT Digital, a global leader in Tap on Phone (SoftPOS) with PIN technology, today announces a new partnership with Areeba, the leading e-payment provider in the Middle East. 

The announcement comes at an exciting time for Areeba as they continue to drive payment innovation in Lebanon and in the region. SoftPOS enables businesses to accept card payments on any Android cell phone from their customers thanks to new affordable options.

The Middle East market shows an important potential for growth especially when it comes to SMEs. Governments are looking and prioritising digital change specifically for the SME market. SoftPOS will allow Areeba to keep ahead of the digital change and use its expertise to expand on the downstream growth opportunities in the market. 

While merchants will be able to simply download this software in order to accept card payments, replacing the traditional hardware POS, the costs and complexity associated with accepting digitised payments will be dramatically reduced. 

Contactless payments are rapidly increasing across the globe. The market is ripe for the Tap on Phone + PIN technology. WIZZIT has received both L2 and Security Pilot Certification under Visa and MasterCard. The added security feature of having a PIN with contactless payments is a key differentiator giving comfort to customers and merchants alike.

“We are pleased to provide Areeba with our technology, thus facilitating the launch of SoftPos to the EMEA region. We enjoy the collaboration with this stellar team and look forward to going live this month”, thus making it one of the first in the region, says Gideon van den Broek – Chief Growth Officer WIZZIT Digital.

“We are proud to partner with WIZZIT Digital to launch the SoftPos application in our region,” Areeba CEO, Maher Mikati, said. “By providing a cost-efficient card and mobile payment acceptance solution for all our micro-merchants, we will be enabling them to accept contactless payments directly via their smartphones and increase their sales by embracing digital payment.”

This partnership is exciting for both parties with aligned values and commitments of making a difference to the most vulnerable and ensuring financial inclusion is a top priority, bringing seamless and innovative technologies to the hands of the people.