WIZZIT South Africa

In the early 2000’s the founders of WIZZIT sought to address the massive challenges facing the unbanked and underbanked segments of society. Their early research focussed around a very simple question –

Why don't you have a bank account?

The results can best be summarised by the now globally used 3A’s and a R:

Affordability, Availability, Accessibility & Relevance

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WIZZIT believed that through the use of innovative cell phone technology, banks would be able to address the above challenges and capitalise on the enormous opportunity that a focus on financial inclusion would bring.

WIZZIT needed to prove the concept before taking the model internationally. In 2004 WIZZIT was launched very successfully in South Africa. The first in the world to focus on financial empowerment using cell phone technology.

WIZZIT was globally recognised as “disruptive innovators”. From these humble beginnings, WIZZIT is today represented in 13 countries across three continents.

WIZZIT in South Africa has a very loyal following and we are fortunate in being able to test new and innovative ideas in our home market

If you would like to open a WIZZIT account please contact us and a WIZZkid will be in touch with you.


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iWIZZ Payment Facility

iWIZZ is an internet payment facility enabling individuals and organisations to make Electronic Funds Transfers and to pay salaries and creditors via the internet. It is designed to include single or multiple levels of approval for the payment process eliminate the risk of fraud.

Access to and security for the iWIZZ payment facility is controlled by the application of individual/multiple passwords, as well as the requirement to use the account holder’s mobile phone. This procedure makes use of two separate channels to gain access to iWIZZ namely the Internet and GSM.