SoftPOS technology is currently a hot topic among many Acquirers and Merchant Service Providers across the globe with some providers already undertaking pilots.

SoftPOS, sometimes referred to as Tap on Phone, is the next evolution in acquiring payments.

It allows for merchants to now accept customer card payments directly from their smartphone, i.e. no need for any additional hardware, which means, no need for any Point of Sale (POS) machines or Mobile Point of Sale (Mpos) machines to support payments.

This brings rise to the first use case for this new technology, reducing hardware costs for micro merchants and allowing them into the payment ecosystem. Although this is true, there are multiple advantages to this technology and unique use cases WIZZIT offers.

The first unique use case is WIZZIT’s PIN Push solution. This is a first to market with a PoC that is currently underway in India. As the world slowly returns to some normality from the pandemic, we see this use case as an important customer offering.

PIN Push

Through WIZZIT’s backend payment switch and the way in which we have built our Authentication (PIN entry) capabilities, our technology offers the ability for customers to opt to input their Bank Card PIN on their own device rather than the merchant’s device at check-out. Importantly, this will not require the customer to have to download any App.

How does this work?

–    Customers walk into a store, select their goods and proceed to the check-out desk.

–    Merchant rings up the total on their smartphone and asks the customer to tap their bank card to their mobile.

–    If PIN is required, the customer is asked whether they would like to enter their PIN on the merchant’s device or on their own device.

–    Customers instruct for their own device.

–    A QR code will appear on the merchant’s mobile.

–    The customer takes a picture of the QR code which will open up the secure WIZZIT PIN Pad.

–    The customer inputs their PIN.

–    Merchants will receive a message if the PIN entry is successful on their device.

–    Transaction complete.

If this use case is of interest to you, please get in touch today! We look forward to exploring and collaborating with you.

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