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This month, we are celebrating all the women at Wizzit who make valuable contributions to the success of our business, enriching our team with their contributions to the digital banking world. Their dedication, expertise, and unique perspectives have undoubtedly formed part of what drives Wizzit’s success.


Please take a moment to learn more about our team: women at Wizzit


Exciting updates and accomplishments have been made during the past couple of weeks. Launching our new website represents our commitment to providing a more user-friendly experience. The intuitive interface, exploring our services, solutions, and insights, is part of our drive to ensure our user’s experience remains as seamless as our payment solutions.


If you haven’t visited yet, click here: new website


Wizzit has successfully integrated its Tap on Phone solution into Cybersource, making it the first provider to be live and operational via the Cybersource solution globally. It marks a significant milestone as new customers can benefit from the efforts done and launch our Tap on Phone solution faster and at a lower cost using Cybersource as the platform. This achievement underscores our commitment to pushing boundaries and transforming the landscape of digital transactions.


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