e-commerce to c-commerce? Retail and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence within the retail industry is becoming very evident especially across the product and service cycle be it the assembly point to post-sale customer service interactions. Retail Centers Shopping patterns and consumer behaviour is already changing very rapidly. Retail shopping centres are under pressure; retail shops are under severe strain as we move to […]

Trends in Financial Services – Can you make the shift? – by Brian Richardson CEO

It is going to be a fantastic year and a brilliant decade that we should be delighted to be part of. Here is why we should all be optimistic as technology is going to make our lives easier and help to minimise fraud in digital banking and authentication. I believe we are going to see […]

Banking Security – WIZZIT, why your bank needs us?

At this time of the year the criminal element and fraudsters are at their busiest. Banks have a responsibility and a very strong financial and reputational risk to protect. This cannot be at the cost of customer convenience or customers will go where there is less friction. How do banks implement strategies and solutions that […]

Call Centre Authentication

A recent article from an American Banker promotion for a Security Webinar attracted my attention and raised further concerns: Why Fraudsters love your contact centre’s Authentication and your customers hate it The bottom line is that the fraudsters have found ways around the traditional and typical methods that call centres use to Authenticate you. The […]

Do you get frustrated with your banks processes?

With fraud on the rise, it is imperative for banks to get up to speed with frictionless, seamless processes.  From a bank’s perspective, they want to be absolutely sure that it is you that is authorising a particular payment. With the increasing fraud, this makes perfect sense. However, there comes a point when you as […]

Messaging is the future – Wizzit Authenticator

The WIZZIT Authenticator (our patented technology) gives our customers the ability to be authenticated on their mobile device without having to download anything or go through any third party App to enable secure authentication. A Fully certified PCI DSS solution. WIZZIT have the ability to use chat channels (specifically WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Viber, and Telegram), […]