Call Centre Authentication

A recent article from an American Banker promotion for a Security Webinar attracted my attention and raised further concerns: Why Fraudsters love your contact centre’s Authentication and your customers hate it The bottom line is that the fraudsters have found ways around the traditional and typical methods that call centres use to Authenticate you. The […]

Do you get frustrated with your banks processes?

With fraud on the rise, it is imperative for banks to get up to speed with frictionless, seamless processes.  From a bank’s perspective, they want to be absolutely sure that it is you that is authorising a particular payment. With the increasing fraud, this makes perfect sense. However, there comes a point when you as […]

Messaging is the future – Wizzit Authenticator

The WIZZIT Authenticator (our patented technology) gives our customers the ability to be authenticated on their mobile device without having to download anything or go through any third party App to enable secure authentication. A Fully certified PCI DSS solution. WIZZIT have the ability to use chat channels (specifically WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Viber, and Telegram), […]

WIZZIT receives global accreditation for their payment authentication product

Banks are losing billions of dollars a year to the exponential increase in payment fraud. The reputational risk for banks could be crippling. Everyone is impacted, from wealthy consumers in developed economies to the bottom of the pyramid consumers in emerging markets. In Europe to combat this trend, the launch of PSD2 in September is […]

SABRIC release of annual banking fraud statistics.

The annual crime statistics for banking fraud 2018 in South Africa has been released by the South African Banking Risk Information Centre (SABRIC) and banking fraud is very much on the rise. SABRIC is concerned about the increase in phishing and banking fraud. SABRIC CEO, Kalyani Pillay says, “We are concerned about some of the […]

PSD2 and the future of banking – what the rest of the world can learn

PSD2 the second Payment Services Directive has been designed by the European Union to revolutionise the payments industry, changing the way we make payments online and the information we see when making these payments. The new requirements will need significant investments from the banking industry and although some banks are not happy about this change […]

Why are banks slow to implement Chatbanking?

Chatbanking is the future. It allows you to make transactions from your favourite messenger app. It is hassle-free and secure. So why are banks not reacting quickly in implementing this great solution? Banks may be hesitant in implementing chatbanking because they have invested millions into their banking apps and they would like to see a […]