As the world becomes more digital so the criminals become more active.

It is a harsh and sad reality that every bank in the world is struggling to implement processes that counter the massive increase in fraud but at the same time ensure that the customer is not inconvenienced beyond frustration. Biometrics is perhaps the ultimate in convenience in that I do not have to remember anything. […]

Sim Swap Fraud Risks Explained!

Sim Swap Fraud is one of the major issues in fraud today. This article published in Fox News highlights this: Beware of creepy ‘SIM swap’ fraud that lets hackers take over your phone and steal your money. Click here to read the full article: First you need to understand the problem:Your WhatsApp account is […]

WIZZIT Authenticator is PCI-DSS Accredited

Consumers are demanding safe, secure and convenient payment methodologies. The challenge has always been how can we securely communicate and transact with our customers on an instant messaging platform at the same time offering a seamless user experience. WIZZIT has built the first, globally patented “PCI-DSS accredited” authenticator which provides Banks/FSP’s/Retailers/Governments/MNOs/Gaming agents the ability to […]

A question that I challenge audiences with is simple – What is a Bank?

The next question is a bit more difficult. Picture the world 10 years from now and I am going to ask the same question – What is a Bank? Whilst I very seldom get any consensus the one thing that I get 100% agreement on is that the answers to the question will be very […]

Is The Banking Industry Prepared for a World Without Bankers?

This headline in the Financial Brand caught my attention along with a comment on Chris Skinner’s Blog that Banks as we know them, have a lifespan of around 5 years. Similar themes from different angles – the first saying that the move to digitalisation will do away with thousands of jobs in the banking industry […]

Biometric Authentication – The next wave in Verification

Biometric authentication is a security system that uses your unique biological characteristics to verify your identity. It can be a photo of your face, a record of your voice, or an image of your fingerprint. This information is then stored in a database that allows you access to the designated digital system or resource. We […]